This tool has been specially modified from Norway to aid in fixing of window, cabinets, doors, floors and also decks. There are jaws in the tool which help it perform its job perfectly. This is by pressing, tightening and raising items as installation takes place. Viking arm tools can be unfixed and fixed again. 

Aluminum and stainless steel take a great role in making this tool strong in that it can support a weight of big as 150 Kgs. Lesser people are required when the tool is available as it can do a lot of work with few people operating it. The tool makes the prices of installation to reduce greatly as little manpower is expected. You are to set the best point where you feel your item is to stand at. In many cases, there are unreachable areas that one cannot manage to reach. This is the best application point of this tool as it can reach them. 

 Features to note about the Viking arm tool 

  • The operating range is 6-215 mm. 
  • Its weight is 1.4 kilograms which are also 3 pounds. 
  • FIMTECH has taken a lot of time to see the functionality of the tool. 
  • The base measures 6mm by 105mm by 87mm 
  • The base of this steel is hardened by carbon 
  • It is given its strength value by Aluminum and stainless steel. 
  •  330 pounds that can also be 150 Kgs can be lifted by this tool 
  •  There are mouthing holes in the tool that ensure that there is safe operation. 
  • Its standard base measures 5mm by 105mm by 8mm. 


  • Once this machine is used, the work remains strong for years. 
  • The work done by the tool is equal to a combination of many local tools and therefore making it to be the best tool to choose when carrying out such tasks. 
  • Your well- being is assured when you use it. 
  • There is increased production of income. 
  • The single tool does the work that a large number of workers could have done. 
  • Patented technical result This tool is produced in Norway and all its designs come from there. 
  • The way the items get tightened and pressed can just tell you how much appreciative you should be having this instrument. 
  • While in use, just little energy is needed since it can just fit in one’s arm 
  • It saves you a lot of money and that is something that everyone yearns for when doing anything. 
  • All the parts used to manufacture it are of good quality  
  • Many jobs can be completed very fast when put into use. 

Viking arm tool for flooring :- https://oryxtools.ca/products/viking-arm-tool-jack-clamp-canada